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Tuesday & Thursday, 9:30 - 10:30am UAE (11-12pm IST)

Prenatal yoga to help women stay active, healthy and happy during pregnancy. These classes are ideal for the second and third trimester, but can also be started earlier. They are gentle in nature, yet offer different variations to suit each person depending on where they're at. 

The classes are held on zoom in small batches. Corrections are made verbally, and questions are always welcome. The classes focus on:


  • Strengthening Poses

  • Stretches

  • Opening poses to help prepare the body for birth

  • Mobility and Flexibility

  • Poses that promote optimal fetal positioning

  • Pelvic floor exercises

  • Breathing Exercises, Meditation & Affirmations

  • Sharing circles and emotional support

The classes are carefully designed based on my trainings in prenatal yoga, childbirth education and doula training, as well as my own experience during pregnancy. 

To sign up, please fill the form below. Include how many weeks pregnant you are, and any other details I need to know. Upon submitting, you will automatically receive an email with all the details and prices. Please check your spam if you don't see it.

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“I can really tell that this class is making such a difference in my pregnancy - in informing me about positions, helping me mentally relax and focus on baby, and the movement makes me feel physically so, so much better. This is something I thank my lucky stars for."

— Name, Title

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“I cannot even begin to mention how grateful I am for how much knowledge, support and positivity you share, in addition to keeping us fit! You introduced me to a whole new world of information completely in line with my philosophy.”

"I began regular prenatal yoga practice only in my third trimester, on returning from a whole lot of travelling during my second. Initially,I was only seeking a physical class to attend. It was then that Elouise arrived into my life like an enormous blessing - in so many ways. I always loved her calm, loving and radiant energy, having known her for a few years as a neighbour inMumbai. She was in Goa now and I decided to try out her online classes. Really, the first one was enough to convince me that this was it :) Elouise customizes asanas and adaptations according to the week of pregnancy one is in, or how that person is feeling that day. As a doula, a mother and international community creator well versed in multiple perinatal practices including ayurveda, she has been much more than just an incredible yoga teacher. She introduced me to the most important books, philosophies, the right doula for my birthing in Mumbai, importance of pelvic physiotherapy for post birth and sharing circles open to her students and community. Overtime I observed how much her approachable, intelligent and generous nature transformed all the mums on our group in some significant way or the other. Since I began classes, my baby has been in a good birthing position with the head pushing down and I feel energized and healthy with this regular practice!"  - Shirin Johari, 39, Mumbai.

"I was extremely lucky to have found Lakshya to guide me during my prenatal and now my post natal journey. I started with my yoga classes with Lakshya over zoom, and very soon they became a very integral part of my pregnancy and well being. She helped me get disciplined about my workouts, customized the poses for my condition and helped me get access to a great set of other pregnant women, on a similar path as me. Her classes were able to ground me and give me the breathing room I needed, to become calmer during the pregnancy and for the days to come. She also taught some extremely helpful breathing exercises, poses and flows that one can do during labor. I was specially a fan of her “sharing circle” sessions where she created a safe space for the expecting mothers to release their emotions and help de stress. Lakshya herself is a gorgeous human being, very kind, personal yet professional and was very approachable even during my hours in labor when I needed some words of encouragement! 

Fast forward to 3 months post delivery now, I’m back to taking her post-partum classes, which again have helped me ground and heal myself, physically, mentally and spiritually! 

I genuinely thank her for the impact she has created on my journey and for becoming a great friend and confidante in the process!" - Khushboo, Mumbai

"Elouise’s prenatal class has been a blessing and highlight of my pregnancy experience. Each class has been an opportunity to prepare myself, both physically and mentally, for birth. The movement has kept my aches and pains at bay — and has given me tools to relieve them when they do arise. As an educator, I really appreciate Elouise’s personalized tips throughout and her thoughtful sequences. It makes the experience so much richer and valuable than the standard internet recording. Thank you Elouise for being a guide on my pregnancy journey! It has made such a positive impact for me and I can only highly recommend pregnant mamas-to-be invite her to join their journey." - Jennifer, Mumbai



“ The best thing I could have done for myself during my pregnancy is to join Lakshya's prenatal classes. There's something so calm and zen about her and the way she teaches that it puts you in just the frame of mind you need to be. Thanks to her I've understood how therapeutic yoga can be when learnt from the right person. Not to mention addictive! I intend to continue learning from her post my pregnancy as well." - Sauwmya, Mumbai

"I know I can’t thank you enough for managing such an amazing pre natal yoga class during the lockdown. The class for me is a medium of connection-with self, with my baby in the womb, optimism and other mumma’s to be. Along with the yoga stretching poses the information that you give in the class helps to clear so many confusion which a first time pregnant woman would have. Also, I have been amazed to see how did you manage to have a class as good as physical through  online. The amount of effort you put to ensure that each one of us are doing the asanas correctly and enjoying it at the same time is clearly visible and is very thoughtful of you. You teach and practice Yoga with your heart and soul in it." - Nidhi, Dubai

"I’ve recently given birth to a beautiful, calm baby girl & I believe Lakshya’s prenatal yoga classes played an important role in my smooth birthing experience. Being a mom herself she really knows what an expecting mom needs physically, emotionally & spiritually. I really miss her classes & hope to join her postnatal classes soon. If you’re an expecting mom, practice some self-love & join her classes."

"Lakshya came into my life like an angel during this pandemic. Her style of teaching is very informative and welcoming. Her classes make me energetic afterwards. Thank you for the knowledge."

"Thank you for your classes and coaching, I used so many of your methods during labour and it was so helpful. Didn't even need the epidural at the end of it."

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