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Lakshya curates the retreats herself from start to finish, with love and care. The locations are thoughtfully picked to make sure that they offer a serene and conducive environment for one's yoga practice and inward journey. She loves to be in nature and often chooses locations which embrace nature and eco-friendly practices.

The retreats are open for all levels, however, basic experience is recommended. The retreats usually have a great mixture of students, from all countries and ages. Differences are welcomed and the practice is personalised to each individual. 

In the retreats, focus is placed on slowing down, breathing, embracing a yogic lifestyle, ​and turning inward. Along with this, making new friends and growing the yoga family!


Dates: March 26-31, 2019

Rates Starting at: INR 40,000

Offering: Yoga, Walks & Hikes, Relaxation, Tea

Early Bird Rate till February  28th

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