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"We had the privilege to experience the Meditative Magic by the duo of Lakshya and Jean with their Yin Yoga Session. The session was attended by employees of all age groups and physical condition. It was mesmerizing to see the amalgamation of Yoga and Music bring serene mindfulness and joy to the attendees. The able guidance of Lakshya and the ambiance by Jean’s flute helped the participants connect with the inner self and helped them to experience a form of healing. Each and every participant was humbled by the experience and thanked the maestros for their indulgence. Each employee came back and expressed gratitude and willingness to experience this magic again and again. We thank Lakshya for the session and highly recommend their Yin-Yoga sessions "

-Sudakshina Bhattacharya, IL&FS Mumbai

"Lakshya is an exceptional teacher, and I consider myself exceptionally lucky to have found her. Many of you may be driven to yoga for a flatter belly or a flexible back, but I promise you will end up with a lot more than that! Her understanding of yogic principles is organic and deeply rooted in Vedanta. I have found her teachings to be an enriching experience that will always form an invaluable part of my existence."

-Auro Chattopadhyay, The Organic Indian

"I attended my first Yoga class back in 2014 and since then have attended Yoga, Chanting, and Sanskrit classes with Lakshya. Also I have attended her yearly Yoga retreat which was a pure bliss. I can highly recommend all her classes for anyone who wants to learn and grow both physically and mentally. Her passion for sharing her knowledge and wisdom to a wider audience to create awareness is something special. She has also been conducting free community yoga classes in Dubai since 2014 which is an beautiful act of kindness and passion." - Sarang Jalan, Dubai

"Being a Yoga Teacher I was interested in the Sanskrit Language and Philosophy, but had no idea where to start. Enter Lakshya! The beginners Sanskrit course was well structured, ideally paced and small in numbers. We learned basics interwoven with inspirational chants and snippets of fascinating philosophy. Lakshya keeps informal and accessible classes. 

From classes to one-one Lakshya's love of all things Sanskrit/Vedanta shines through. She shares this passion, it is contagious!" - Amanda, Dubai

"I took the Yoga Retreat organised by Lakshya Yoga in Kerala in July 2016. I think it was the best detox experience of my life. I came back with a glowing skin , a positive attitude and a toned body . Since my return from the retreat I have been totally off medicines which were a part of my everyday life for quite sometime. I cant thank Lakshya enough for this absolutely divine experience. I strongly recommend the retreats organised by her for people who want to come out clean, healthy, happy and strong." - Fauzia Ghani, Mumbai

"I really want to say thank you for our journey in Kerala. You gave me the best opportunity that someone can have to learn about myself, to meet great people, to enjoy a beautiful and health environment. You are so special as a person and so professional. Thanks for your patience, kindness, for looking after our yoga group with dedication and love. I will follow you girl in our learning as yogi."  - Patricia Francisco

"Lakshya's outdoor yoga classes at Safa park are an amazing, relaxing, yet revitalising experience. There is a real sense of community and harmony in her classes, and the cool breezy outdoor setting at sunset at Safa park make her classes the perfect way to end the weekend! Highly recommended." - Reiner Erlings, Dubai

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