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Tuesday & Thursday 10:30 - 11:15am UAE (12-12:45pm IST)

The postpartum yoga classes are focused on gentle strengthening of the core and pelvic floor, as well as overall body strengthening and stretching, and breathing exercises. The classes are a yoga-rehab to get you ready and going for a regular yoga class again, gentle yet challenging enough, with a special focus on the deeper abdominal muscles. 

The classes are held on zoom in small batches. Corrections are made verbally, and questions are always welcome. The classes focus on:

  • Gently strengthening the Core & Pelvic Floor in a safe way


  • Overal body strengthening & stretching


  • Breathing & Meditation

The classes are suitable for 6 weeks postpartum (normal delivery) and 8 weeks postpartum (caesarian).

To sign up, please fill in the form below. Please include how many weeks/ months postpartum you are and any other details I need to know. Upon submitting you will automatically get an email with all the details in it. Please check your spam if you don't see it.

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“ The postnatal online classes with Lakshya are something I look forward to every week. They are great not just for working on restrengthening my core but also connecting with fellow moms. It feels like being understood during this postpartum phase which is often neglected. 
Furthermore I feel that the yoga poses are explained with utmost simplicity. She makes even the toughest of stretches easy to practice.

Only a great yoga guru can make you feel like that!"

— Name, Title

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“I am not proficient in yoga so I can say that this class can be attended by beginners too. It's a gentle form of yoga suitable for women recovering from birth, focused on strengthening your core. Lakshya is a gentle teacher, focusing on holistic healing postpartum. I really liked how she made us take time to acknowledge our own achievements as mothers, and to appreciate our bodies for what they have enabled us to do.”

“Lakshya's postnatal classes have given me the confidence that the body can indeed regain its strength post delivery, if only you are patient with it and yourself :) The sessions are designed keeping busy new moms in mind and in case you miss them, you can always practice later at your convenience!" 

"I've been so fortunate to be able to practice postnatal yoga with Lakshya for the past six months. She is incredibly knowledgeable about all things post-natal and her passion for sharing that knowledge is inspiring. Not only do I feel the improvements in my core muscles and overall well being, I also feel like I have gained a great support network. Through her classes she's created a safe space where a wonderful community of new moms are happy to share experiences of their parenting journey." - Laskarina, South Africa






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